MISSHA - Class Up Hair Wax (Super Hard) 90g

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Create your best hair style with MISSHA Class Up Hair Wax series. Class Up Hair Wax not only makes it easy to style your hair but also provides essential vitamins to strengthen the hair from the roots. it is also easily washable with water. <Super Hard> is the hardest wax of this series. With its excellent holding power, it keeps hair spiked and in placed for a whole day. Suits best for short hair. <Strong Hold> is the second hardest wax of this series and it has strong setting power but goes on smoothly to create various hair style. Suits best for short & medium-short hair. <Creamy Soft> has medium plus holding power which helps creating natural look. Suits best for short, medium, and long hair.

How To Use

Warm a small amount of product in hands and apply it to the hair for styling.