SECRET KEY Mu-Coating Silk Protein Ampoule

SECRET KEY Mu-Coating Silk Protein Ampoule

Posted by Skinisajourney on 29th Jun 2018

Let’s talk about hair! The bright sun may cheer you up, but your hair is likely to suffer. Let me share my solution to dry and split ends: SECRET KEY Mu-Coating Silk Protein Ampoule! This product comes in a convenient mini size tube that you can easily bring wherever you go - and I simply love it!

I normally use the Mu-Coating Silk Protein Ampoule from Secret Key as a hair oil because it gives my hair a great boost and extra shine. It's a quick and easy solution for damaged hair.

This product contains hydrolyzed keratin that cares for damaged hair and prevents split ends. My hair is colored, dry and a little damaged from bleaching. So, when I find a product that actually repairs my hair, I stick with it! That's what I've done with this one.

I prefer using this product after showering, but I let my hair dry for a while first. I feel this gives the best result because hair is kind of sensitive after showering. That’s why you shouldn't comb your hair right after you've showered.

I sometimes use this as an overnight mask when my hair is really dry and in need for some additional moisture. The ampoule is really lightweight, so it sinks in fast and easy. And by the time I wake up, my hair feels soft and luscious.

I also recommend mixing this ampoule with your conditioner while showering. Then, you leave it for a few minutes before rinsing. This is a great recipe for obtaining a silky smooth hair that is just a joy to comb through!

I highly recommend this product for everyone. It's so convenient to bring, and you simply apply it when you're looking for that amazing shine.