LANEIGE - Eye Sleeping Mask 25ml

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LANEIGE - Eye Sleeping Mask 25ml

Wake up with elastic, revitalized eyes with LANEIGE Eye Water Sleeping Mask. With its Sleep-Circular™ technology, this product relieves swelling when sleeping. 180º rotating ceramic ball applicator provides cooling and calming effect for the dull under-eye skin. Formulated with vitamin P (Hesperidin), Oligosaccharides, this product provides nutrient and relaxation to the skin around eyes.

How To Use

With the content on the ceramic ball, apply on skin around the eyes. Apply evenly with fingers and tap lightly to promote absorption of product into skin.


- Use at the step of eye care product at night, 2-3 times a week.
- Use before the step of Water Sleeping Mask.

Tip: Wipe the ceramic ball clean with tissue before storing.